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Stunt & Precision Driving 2015

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Case Chase 2

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Sin Moo Hapkido Fernitz

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Stuntworkshop Kopenhagen 2014

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Grimm´s Snow White


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Stunt Factory Show

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts
Or as we call it: kick it!

Since 2003, I have been training several types of martial arts, including Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung-Fu and Pin Sun Wing Chun Kung-Fu at the Körper-Kampf-Kunst Center Zmugg with Sifu Perry Zmugg in Graz/Austria. I began with these two styles, because I was particularly intrigued by the gradual hardening and strength training (as featured in a range of Asian Kung-Fu movies) that is typical of Southern Shaolin Kung-Fu. I think it is a beautiful thing to feel out one’s own physical limits in training.

In the year 2011, I decided to start training in Sin Moo Hapkido, which originates from Doju-Nim Ji Han Jae. Here I can finally improve my kicking techniques and add to my extensive repertoire of other techniques. Furthermore, I have also discovered my fascination with some varieties of Freefalls, which I have practiced regularly ever since, developing and seeking new possibilities and combinations to implement this technique.

In addition, I regularly attend seminars on ground fighting, Jiu Jitsu and Panantukan in Austria and Germany.

My rankings
Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung-Fu 10 years experience
Pin San Wing Chun Kung-Fu 10th level
Sin Moo Hapkido Blue Belt

Körper-Kampf-Kunst Center Zmugg

MacKenzie’s Gold Medal Family Karate

Center 6

Tenshinkai Dojo

Jeet Kune Do Cologne


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That really hurts!

Ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by movies with fight scenes. The fact that martial arts have become one of my great passions in life obviously did nothing to diminish my delight in that movie genre. On the contrary, I still want more!

In the year 1999, I was inspired by Jackie Chan’s movie “Operation Condor”. From that moment on, martial arts movies have never quite relinquished their hold on me.
I am fascinated by the extremes of plunging into the movement and still retaining control over what one does; constantly trying new things and putting them to use in different ways.

I like the expressions of amazement and wide-eyed wonder in people witnessing a breakneck stunt or an action-packed fight.

I started a 3 months internship as a stuntman in December 2015. Afterwards I was included in the stunt-team of Action Concept.

Since that day I have worked as a stuntman for Action Concept. I am responsible for preparing the stunts for movies and series, do tests for projects and I am deployed as a double for different stunts.
So far, I have collaborated with the stunt schools, and for various shows.


Stuntman at stunt shows and for movies


  • Showfights in der Spirit of Martial Arts Show von Meister Perry Zmugg


  • Große Show in Zwettl für das Fitnessstudio Chili Gymmit Feuer und Fight-Choreographie
  • Stuntman und Fightchoreograph für eine Produktion mit Freunden desFilmes Case Chase
  • Stuntman für die U.S.-Produktion Snow White von Rachel Lee Goldenberg
  • 3 Tages Stunt Workshop von STUNT 360
  • Stage Fight
  • Theatrical Martial Arts
  • Armed Combat
  • Handgun Handling
  • SWAT Tactical Training
  • High Fall
  • Partical Burns


  • Stuntmanworkshop in Graz
  • Stage Fight
  • Armed Combat
  • Martial Arts Show in SCS Seiersberg
  • Martial Arts Show for Grazer Stadtfest
  • Set builder and Martial Art-choreographie-assistent for Satori II


  • Martial Arts Show in SCS Seiersberg
  • Martial Arts Show for Grazer Stadtfest
  • Martial Arts Show in Citypark Graz
  • Regie und fight-choreograph for the movie The Juwel
  • Stuntman for the movie The Return of the Ding from David Hehn and Aurel Hu


  • Martial Arts Show for Grazer Stadtfest
  • Movie Production with Sifu Otto Lieschnegg and David Zirngast
  • Technical video with Sifu Perry Zmugg
  • scriptwriter, cameraman, fight choreograph, stuntman and post producer for the movie The Case Chase 2
  • 2 days Rigging and Areal Stunt Workshop from STUNT 360
  • 7 days INDUSTRY GRADE Stunt Workshop from STUNT 360
  • Stage Fight
  • Advanced Theatrical Martial Arts
  • Rapier and Broadsword Fight
  • Found Weapons
  • SWAT Tactiacal Training
  • Handgun Handling
  • Close Quarter Combat and Disarms
  • Squibs and Bodyhits
  • Stunt Rigging
  • Parkour
  • High Fall von bis zu 12 Meter
  • Full Body Burn
  • Wire Works


  • fight choreograph and Stuntman for the austrian production Marlene
  • car-stunt workshop from STUNT 360
  • car stunts and body stunts for Action Concept
  • car stunts and body stunts for the production Cobra 11


  • car stunts and body stunts for Action Concept
  • car stunts and body stunts for the production Cobra 11
  • Stuntman for the movie Out of Control
  • Stunt-assistant for the production Tatort Köln
  • Stunt-assistant for the production Tatort Bremen
  • Assistance for the production Flievatüüt

History of cooperation with:

stunt 360


action concept – more than entertainment


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